Before it was taken down, pictures of a new LEGO Black X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon featuring a character named Tasu Leech were seen on FBTB. No word on if these pictures were taken down by the runners of the website or they were asked to be removed, but in any case here they are.

75105_2 75102_1

Along with Tasu Leech there is also a Kanjiklug Gang Member, which is a race I’ve never heard before. There’s no word on if they related to any legacy characters, but they proabably will make some kind of appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. To me Tasu looks to have the Lando Calrissian mustache, maybe he lived on Bespin and was a love child of Lando.

As far as the Black X-Wing, I think it’s just a different look with some possible upgrades. No need change things up anymore, we don’t want another Naboo Starfighter.

By Taylor

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