A few months ago I wrote about a game that I had seen on Facebook. I found this right after the whole debacle with Silent Hill P.T. and they have finally started a Kickstarter that you should immediately go back.

I don’t have an VR headset, but holy crap this is something to play if you happen to have one. As for me, I’ll be playing this on my Xbox One even though I had scary games. In all honesty, even the above video of the explanation of the game freaked me out.

I don’t want to call this a substitute for Silent Hill, because we never got to play it, but the look and feel of the game is all a person needs to get completely creeped out. There graphics look beautiful and seeing that the idea came from his own house is enough to never want to go visit him.

As of this post there is 27 days left in the Kickstarter the have a little under half their goal met, but if you need more media then check out this prototype video that they made

This is the first step into the next evolution of horror games. The VR headset gameplay is optional, but just image how people acted when they played the Silent Hill teaser. This is a full length game that looks like it would scare the crap out of you and then scare you from going the bathroom in your own house.

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By Taylor

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