Apparently the Hong Kong Phooey movie just can’t get make it out of the work in progress phase, so Hollywood has turned to Sony Pictures Animation to give us a Danger Mouse movie. In all fairness Danger Mouse is a much more exciting superhero with a sidekick begging to be made a plush toy for the holidays.

According to¬†Tracking-Board Sony Pictures Animation and Studio Canal are teaming up to bring this aged cartoon to the big screen. Animation itself has gone by the way side and CGI is just easier on the animators. We’re seeing it with the new Peanuts movie and Danger Mouse will probably also get the same treatment. The show ran in the 80’s and recently a new updated version is coming to CBBC. The return of the cartoon show may have helped spark interest in a full length motion picture.

Check out the original Danger Mouse cartoon intro with a very catchy theme song

Now check out the teaser to the updated cartoon coming to the CBBC and yes that is a subtle Star Wars joke

By Taylor

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