A lot of casting news has come out of the Arrow camp these last couple of weeks. Some villains were revealed and some possible allies, as well as a season long villain. With Oliver Queen and Felicity leaving Starling City at the end of season 3, there will have to be some major baddies that would cause Oliver to come back. Being how the first episode is called Green Arrow, I can only assume he finally takes the name we’ve all called him and returns to kicking ass. Along with the regular returning crew will be some new faces that will be important to the season 4 story line.

Neal McDonough is playing Damien Darhk, who is a former member of the League of Assassins and was mentioned as being in Starling City in the last few episodes.

Alexander Calvert is playing Lonnie Machin aka Anarky. Lonnie is a child prodigy, weapon expert and master tactician.

Echo Kellum is playing Mr. Terrific, a man with a not so catchy name but very intelligent and powerful. There are two version of Mr. Terrific, but seeing by who is casted I would say Echo will be playing Michael Holt.

Jimmy Akingbola will be playing Baron Blitzkrieg and if they go by the comics then he’ll be a reoccurring character in flashbacks. In the comics he wore body armor and had a weakness to heat, not sure if they’ll go with this same version in the show.

By Taylor

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