A day early isn’t much of a leak, but a leak is a leak and even though this isn’t a huge piece of news it’s still making the rounds. The murmurs from Batman v Superman have been dying down and everyone has said their piece, so now it’s time to get everyone back on the Batman train with a new collection. The following image is from Eurogamer¬†and shows a Batman Arkham Collection being slated for June 10, 2016 with pre-ordering staring tomorrow.


The game does show that it includes both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, along with all the DLC, but that’s it. It looks like Batman: Arkham Origins is being pushed to the corner and ignored for this collection.

I personally don’t understand why this collection is happening. Out of all the games I would have put Asylum and Arkham Knight together, because at least one is more closely tied to the upcoming Suicide Squad movie…possible spoilers. Arkham City was good and had it’s exciting points, but it couldn’t capture the fun of Arkham Asylum. Even with the Batmobile sections in Arkham Knight, the story was still good and it was a beeter look at Arkham City that the game named after it.

By Taylor

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