I have always told people to look for hints of characters and listen for name drops in Marvel shows and movies. In my opinion Marvel doesn’t put hints or drop names unless they’re going to use them later. In the Netflix show Daredevil there is a flashback scene where Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock are talking and Foggy brings up a Greek girl that Matt used to date. The Greek girl in question is none of than Elektra Natchios who is better know as Elektra. The only live action version of Elektra was made semi-famous by Jennifer Garner in the Ben Afflect film Daredevil, then in her own solo film. Both films didn’t perform as well as they probably could have in this current day, but they were innovative none the less. No one knew if Elektra would show up in the first season of Daredevil, but we now know that she will appear during season 2.

It’s been reported that Elodie Yung will be playing Elektra in season 2 of the Netflix show Daredevil. You may recognize Elodie from her roles in G.I. Joe:Retaliation, where she wore similar colored clothes to Elektra.

elodie yung elektra

There’s no word on if she will be coming back as a questionable friend or a foe, but what we do know is that Punisher will be the villain.

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