In case anyone still needs to be reminded, this will contain spoilers about the midseason finale of Arrow. On the other hand if you read the title of the post, then there should be not further warnings needed and since you’re still reading I take it you want to know more. Well, there isn’t much to say about the midseason finale of Arrow. The big mystery of who is in the grave can now be put to rest, as we all saw Felicity Smoke dripping blood from her mouth and sporting a very fashionable gunshot wound to the stomach. I’d like to point out that from watching Reservoir Dogs, a gunshot to the stomach is pretty painful so at least she didn’t suffer.

In the beginning of the season we saw Oliver kneeling at the grave of someone and when Barry Allen came he not only mentioned Zoom, but pretty much told Barry to GTFO. Looking back at the episodes previous to it, especially the two parter, Barry has got to be in one of the most odd places. He was into Felicity and almost made something serious from it, then later on he finds out that his friend Oliver Queen is hooking up with her and then has to witness them break up. Post Break up he vacates the premises of Vandal Savage and Oliver fighting which ends in all of team Arrow and Flash dying, only to have to go back in time and lie to Felicity to keep everyone alive. I know this is an Arrow post, but I just had to point out that they have put Barry in some really messed up scenarios.

Felicity may only make a return if Flash has to go to Earth 2, where her doppleganger is still alive, or he has to run back in time to fix something. Other than that, Felicity will probably not be taking a dip in the Lazarus Pit, because there’s no story for her. I know this may sound like I’m just saying this, but I did call this death as soon as Oliver pulled out the engagement ring. Years of movie watching and comic book reading has taught me that if someone is going to die, then they will be getting the most attention leading up to said death. The reason being is that the writer wants the audience to feel as much as they can for this person before they killed before their eyes. In the midseason finale, she finds out Oliver is going to propose because her mom finds the ring. Felicity then starts building a wedding in her head as Damien Darhk is still out shooting up beaches, because he focus never leaves happiness and that should be the clue she is a goner. Felicity has never been in the comics, she severed ties with Ray Parker so that he could become a Legend of Tomorrow, and she introduced Curtis Holt (Mr. Terrific) to Oliver so there is no real reason for her to stick around. Curtis can be the new tech guy and even possibly take over the business and become the Mr. Terrific we all know from the comics. Her mother can fly back to Las Vegas or hook up with Quentin a little longer until she is also no needed anymore. She named Quentin as her boyfriend, but he did not seem into it. Diggle still has to deal with his brother, Thea has to deal with her anger issues, Laurel has to go on doing her thing and Malcom is going to help out Oliver one last time before he heads back to the League of Shadows with the Vandals sand body. There is no room for Felicity and this is what, hopefully, causes Oliver to resort back to ass kicking Green Arrow who kills people who fail the city. We may even see his sport a goatee as he hangs out with his son William and acts like, but can’t identify as his father.

Felicity was good while she was on the show, but this was also a good move. This needed to happen to piss Oliver off and have him be available for the next girl that enters his life.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.