Recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon dropped the news that he would be getting his own ride at Universal Studios Orlando. From what was explained, it sounds like motion simulator where you have to deal with Jimmy Fallon for about a minute or two. Along with this ride will be his house band The Roots and possibly other characters from the show, if Fallon allows it.

Jimmy Fallon’s first episode as host of The Tonight Show was in February 17, 2014 which means he hasn’t even been doing the show for two years and he’s getting a ride. I understand that being part of Universal has the perks that a ride can be modeled and named after you because you work for the same company, but what makes him so special. I liked Jimmy Fallon when he was on SNL, even thought he broke character all the time. When he became host of The Tonight Show I looked forward to what he brought to such an iconic hosting job, but I soon realized that everything turned out to be about him. I know he’s the host, but why must he purposely interject himself into everything they do and try to make it all about him. I would be into this kind of behavior into someone who has paid their dues to the show and has gained respect, but now when the show is under two years old.

In any case, here is the announcement of this new ride that Jimmy Fallon is being given at Universal Studios Orlando.

By Taylor

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