We’re months away from the return of The Flash season3 , but the cliff hanger at the end of season 2 gave fans a bit of excitement as we know that Barry’s mother living is a part of the Flashpoint Paradox story. Nothing was confirmed at the time of the finale, but recently on Twitter Grant Gustin revealed the title of the first episode of season 3

The Flashpoint Paradox was a 61 issue story arc that focues mainly on The Flash being sent into an altered DC universe where things are completely mixed up. Some of the changes in this world are Barry’s mother living and his father is dead due to a heart attack, Bruce Wayne was the one murdered, Thomas Wayne is a gun toting Batman, Martha Wayne is The Joker and Aquaman and Wonder Woman are battling each other all over the world.

Although it would be great to have this story be brought directly to season 3 of The Flash, the characters are just not there. What we may get is an alternate version of Green Arrow, Supergirl taking the place of Superman as being locked away and powerless and possibly Martian Man hunter being a bad guy.

Check out the trailer of the straight to DVD movie version of the Flashpoint Paradox and below that is the full movie is you want possible spoilers

By Taylor

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