After 10 long weeks the journey is over and two people have emerged Tough Enough. Their next steps are to get ready for even more tougher experiences because what they had to go through was probably less than what a regular NXT star has to endure on a daily basis. Thousands of people sent in videos and out of the 14 ¬†finalists, Joshua “Josh” Bredl and Sara Lee were victorious and have both won contracts for $250,000.

I didn’t write about it, but I watched Tough Enough every week and to be honest I thought that Tanner Saraceno and¬†Amanda Saccomanno would win this season. Taking a look at the characters that both WWE and NXT have in their roster, I felt that both Tanner and Amanda had the looks and that they would eventually get the moves down.

The finale showed that out of the two Josh was the surperior athlete and that the typical blonde hair’d girl isn’t always what a company is looking for. I don’t think that both Josh and Sara will be appearing on any other RAW except the one coming out, because now they have to go to NXT and build their characters. The Yeti needs some better ring gear and Hope needs to really draw the men in with some sexier clothing. As far as heel or face, I believe that they’ll both start as face’s and as their characters develop the choice of heel or face will become easier.

Looking back at previous seasons of Tough Enough, some of the superstars of today started off being eliminated from their seasons and still made it farther than those that were chosen as the winners. Don’t count anyone out just yet, we may see Amanda, Tanner and Gigi coming back. The show was the for the fans, but the WWE is still a business and if they see potential in you, you’ll get a call just like when Triple H saved Gigi when the show first started.

Your #ToughEnough 2015 winners stand tall! Congratulations to Josh and Sara!

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By Taylor

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