This isn’t new information, but just my opinion on some concept are that was sent out by Bryan Singer. We all know that Archangel is one of Apocalypses 4 horseman, but I wonder if we’ll see him at Angel then as Archangel or already transformed. In the end credits of X-Men: Days of Future Past you saw Apocalypse building a pyramid while 4 figures on horses were in the background. I didn’t see Apocalypse in his armor yet, so I’m thinking that when he get’s his full Apocalypse armor Angle will also transform. So far this is what was sent out.

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From what we I see, Angel’s wings have either been removed or he doesn’t have wings at all. This would throw a wrench into my whole theory, meaning that he isn’t one of the original 4 horseman. I love to speculate, but then I start contradicting myself and then I spin down a speculation rabbit hole.

What we do see is open spots in his back where wings are attached. He’s not rocking the blue skin and purple suit, but I hope we see him fire projectiles from his wings.

By Taylor

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