Kickstarter is a great place to find new and exciting projects. I’ve personally gone on and backed projects dealing with comics, pieces of technology and of course video games. The one project that I don’t see more of, and I would back if I did, are projects dealing with the creation of television shows. Television is something that the whole world seems to have in common, because we all watch it and for the most part everyone has access to one. Even if you don’t have a television in your home, then there’s a good chance that you have a smartphone. Smartphones are the new way to enjoy television programs that shown on network channels or online streaming sites such as Netflix or Hulu. With so many television shows being approved by executives and being ignored by the public, why not go to where people can vote with their dollar whether or not they want to view your show. The best thing about crowd funding is that when someone help’s back your project, they have a vested interest in not only your creation but you as a creator. When you create something that people like they’ll help you out by donating and spreading the word among their friends. This is exactly what I’ll be doing as I explain how Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey caught my attention and how it made me want to see it be created.

We were contacted via email and given information about an upcoming Kickstarter for a new television show. Thee was a brief synopsis and a link to a site where some video and text were available describing just what this project was. Whoever created this site and provided the information did a great job as keeping the reader guessing and reading on to learn more. I was reading about fantasy worlds and different kinds of people accompanied by concept art of what they may look like, but the first thing you see on the page is a trailer. Trailers are tricky, because they may give too much or too little away so finding that sweet spot isn’t always the easiest task. Luckily Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey was interesting enough to keep me watching and wondering just what the rest of the story was all about. I looked around for the link to the Kickstarter, but found that it was going to launch on October 6th. It was still late September, so I emailed back and asked if I could interview the creator of Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey so I could learn more about this project. My request was granted and I set an interview up for three days prior to the Kickstarter beginning, because I wanted to cut down the wait time as much as possible.

The night before the interview I watched the trailer numerous times and read all that I could, from the website I had initially viewed, and as I did I wrote down questions as they popped in my head. Three pages of questions later I figured that I had enough and called it a night. The next day we went down to Santa Monica and met Fede Ponce and Maureen Eggleton. Fede created Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey and Maureen is his wife who is not only the project coordinator and social media manager but she is also the co-producer. Needless to say, I learned that these two have had quite the experience with the project and getting it started. The interview went for almost two hours, but luckily it went smoothly and I had mostly all my questions answered. There were a few things I tried to ask, but because it gave too much of the story away he couldn’t answer.

The above video is only about nine minutes, but this is only a snippet of the interview. My videographer has went through and split up the interview into individual relevant sections that will look great and keep with a consistent point. There was so much information given that there is no way that people who are into science fiction and fantasy wouldn’t want to see this made.

Two worlds, one manned by A.I. robots meshed with humans and the other a world of your making with not many rules. A flying dog and a protagonist named Sebastian who is part of a family that really isn’t all his bloodline. A special quest given to Sebastian alienates one part of his actual family while the other’s life hangs in the balance. Set in a time were the world was as it was today, but corporations have removed all dreams and desires to make us safe. Will Sebastian overcome the guards trying to keep him away from a dream world, the only way to find out is to back this project.

Once the project gets funded there will be an initial pilot shot and then they will begin on the rest of the television show. This is a story that has a beginning and an end lasting three seasons with 12 episodes per season. Each season will conclude a part of the story, but it will only be when all three parts have been told will all the pieces fall into place. Along with the show will be a comic book giving a little more backstory of this world, along with a few crossovers with the characters in the show. These episodes will start on the website, but Fede has promised that he will start contacting streaming services so that they can provide their customers with this exciting story.

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By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.