If this turns out to be an elaborate hoax, then I say give this person a standing O! Recently it was discovered, somehow, on LinkedIn that a Game Designer with the credits of Kingdom Hearts 2.9 and 3. I’ve heard of Kingdom Hearts 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3, but never a 2.9. The leak goes hand in hand with a schedule leak that was corrected at this past E3, when Square-Enix had Kingdom Hearts 2.9 listed then they removed it


The following information was taken from LinkedIn by KH13

Game Designer
Square Enix
August 2014 – June 2015(11 months) | Osaka, Osaka, Japan

“Kingdom Hearts 2.9” (PS3, PS4) Development (10 Months)
-Game idea planning and documentation
-Game Check and balance
-Boss planning
-Attraction Flow planning and documentation

“Kingdom Hearts III” (PS4, Xbox One) Development (10 Months )
Original-level planning, documentation and execution for 2 Worlds
INCLUDING enemy, Item, secrets and event Management
-Mockup Creation of 3 Worlds INCLUDING temporary Asset Creation
-Game idea planning and documentation
-Game Check and balance
-Enemy planning and documentation
-Gummi Ship system planning and documentation
-Multiplayer planning and documentation
-Attraction Flow planning and documentation
-Main Scenario planning for 2 Worlds
-Various in-Game dialogue writing
-Translation and Interpretation of Contact Between Involved English and Japanese parties INCLUDING Disney and Pixar
-Publicity video Recording and editing
-Communication with Outsourced companies
-Holding Meetings with Disney and Pixar
-Team Management, Meeting Management and Proceeding Recordings

This won’t be a collection of past games remastered and all on one disc, but it may be a prequel. Much like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, this may be lower priced game that helps set up the story for Kingdom Hearts 3. Seeing how Sony has a history with the Kingdom Hearts franchise, this may also be coming to Xbox One but at a later time.

By Taylor

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