There has been some recent breaking casting news and instead of devoting a whole post to each one, I decided to throw all of them into one post and kill a few birds with a single written stone.


No matter what the rumors may say about Channing Tatum, the casting still continues. According to The Wrap the are currently eyeing Lea Seydoux to play Belladonna Boudreaux in the new Gambit movie, but other rumors are that she has already been cast. Belladonna’s powers consist of astral projection and plasma blasts.

The Flash

Not to be outdone, there are two people in casting news for DC‘s The Flash over on the CW. TV Line is reporting that Violett Beane has been cast as Jesse Quick. Jesse Quick is the alter ego for Jesse Chambers and has superhuman speed and strength, as far as I know she is still a superhero.

The Wrap has also learned that Demore Barnes has been cast as the villain Tokamak. He is a main villain of Firestorm and is known as a living nuclear reactor. Seeing how Firestorm is already part of The Flash’s friends, this villain will fit in nicely with a Firestorm story arc return.

By Taylor

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