It looks like some of the rumors I wrote about are coming true. THR reports that Jon Bernthal is going to be joining the cast of Daredevil in season 2 as The Punisher.


You may recognize Jon as Shane from The Walking Dead or Grady TravisĀ in the movie Fury. If you’re unfamiliar with The Punisher, he is a vigilante who takes out the scum of New York using any means necessary. He had a family but they were murdered and that set him on his pathway of chaos. The Punisher has been called an antihero more than a hero in the comics due to his ways being that not of the usual heroes. The Punisher doesn’t mind killing if it means that the streets are safer,he’s even had battles with superheroes in some stories.


I know it sounds bad, but I really don’t want them spending a lot of time on Frank Castle’s origin. Give as much time to it as they did with the Daredevil origin and move on with it. The only thing we want to see is The Punisher blowing guys away with huge guns and going one on one with Daredevil a few times before they have to be friends.

By Taylor

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