The ability to have an external hard drive attached to your Xbox One is both a blessing and a curse. You can attach a pretty inexpensive HDD to save all your game data, but you also have to find a place near it because it needs to be plugged in all the time. When the option to attach an external HDD became available I bought a 2TB drive and sat it next to my Xbox One. I have a space for it under my TV so it’s not in the way and doesn’t look odd, but I wouldn’t mind having a better enclosure for it.

This is where Nyko‘s Data Bank One comes into play. At first I thought that they were selling an enclosure and external HDD for $40, but then reality hit and it was just an enclosure. If you already have an external HDD attached to your Xbox One, then all you have to do is plug it into this enclosure and then plug the enclosure into your Xbox One. The only bad thing is having space above your Xbox One to fit it.


  • Easily upgrade the storage capacity of the Xbox One™
  • Uses any standard 3.5” hard drive instead of more expensive, external hard drives
  • Save money and get more storage with 3.5″ drives over 2.5″ external drives
  • LED indicators illustrate when the Xbox One™ is saving content or accessing the hard drive.
  • Dedicated power cable provides the extra power needed for the 3.5″ hard drive
  • Sleek aesthetic helps the larger hard drive blend in with the lines of the system and looks more stylish than a standard external drive with exposed cable.
  • Modular – Compatible with other Nyko modular items for Xbox One™

Personally if having your Xbox One area look really clean, then this is a decent investment. If you’re like me then this is nice, but not something I would actively go buy. My set up is fine the way this is and I don’t want my Xbox One to look bulky. I also don’t want to have to plug in a separate power cable to this enclosure as well as my HDD. But, like I said, if this is something that will make your area look better and something you think you need then head here and pick one up

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.