It seems that Playstation 4 is the place to be for the latest beta access. Even thought it’s not a Playstation 4 exclusive like Street Fighter 5, Call of Duty used to be cuddled up with Xbox, but now it has found a new beau. For may years the phrase get it first on Xbox was associated with Call of Duty, but the missing video package from this past E3 during Microsoft’s Keynote revealed a change.

Call of Duty seems to be now partnered with Sony to bring their content to the Playstation 4 first and if this isn’t evident please take a look at what Treyarch sent out yesterday via twitter

Unlike Street Fighter 5, this beta will be strictly for those who pre-ordered the game. The website states that Xbox One and PC will also get beta access, but no dates are available. If you didn’t already pre-order the games, I suggest following Treyarch and Playstation on Twitter, they are always giving out free codes

By Taylor

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