The new RPG project Project Prelude Rune was announced today from Studio Istolia, a new group under Square EnixStudio Istolia is based out of Tokyo and further builds on Square Enix Group‘s vision to create new games along with Square Enix. Producer of Project Prelude Rune, Hideo Baba, states that the game a role playing game with a new fantasy and looks to unfold across a huge piece of land full of life. The game tells the tale of occupants of this land who dare to dream and are fighting for what is right. From what I could get from the website there is a character named Chara (pictured below) and also at some point there will be a princess or white mage hanging out with a dragon (also pictured below). Unfortunately this is just the announcement of the new studio and their first project with no additional information. Hopefully we can get more information around E3 or in the later months once the game is in production.

By Taylor

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