I guess Capcom has decided to take the Resident Evil series and bring it back to the original console the first game appeared on. Yesterday Capcom released the trailer for Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, but other than the name this is nothing like any other Resident Evil gave you’ve every played. Not even the on rails shooter that Nintendo put out is close to this game, and that was pretty far from the norm itself.

Little has been released about the game, but so far we know this

Introducing Umbrella Corps, an online competitive shooter set in the Resident Evil universe. Utilize distinct weaponry and a precise, analog cover system to fight head-to-head with other players in fast, intense online matches.

There is no Chris, Clair, Leon or Wesker in this game, although you may play as Hunk or possibly the Tofu if they know how to pander to their audience.

This is just another first person shooter with a few zombies mixed in to remind you of what you’re playing. The game is coming out for Playstation and Steam early next year and will be $29.99.

By Taylor

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