If you’re wondering, no, they are not taking a second bite of the apple by remaking Scott Pilgrim vs The World as an anime movie. This time we are going to get a Scott Pilgrim anime series that will be premiering on Netflix. Recently the news broke that most of the cast will be returning for voice roles including Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Brandon Routh. Edgar Wright confirmed this on Twitter as well

Science SARU will be doing the animation and solely going by their work on OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, ADVENTURE TIME and YO-KAI WATCH The movie I have no doubt that they’ll faithfully adapt the manga style into anime. I would say that even if they went the video game route and did some of that animation style I’d be happy. Scott Pilgrim as a whole has a strong video game background so why not showcase that in some 16-bit sprites.

There’s no word on if this will be an original story or borrow from the books, which inspired the movie, but there has to be a way to bring back the villains. Scott Pilgrim defeated them in the movie, but not all of them perished. They could easily bring them back as non villains, but people who went back to their other jobs. Tod Ingram could go back to being in Clash at Demonhead, Matthew Patel turned into money but good writing can fix that, and Gideon Graves could still be around as an overall villain throughout the series.

Music was a big part of the movie and Anamanaguchi took care of video game soundtrack. I’d like to see anamanaguchi take a stab at doing a intro and outro song with some small transition sounds in between scenes.

The movie did introduce me to an amazing cover as well

By Taylor

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