Finally, we have received a trailer for the new Spider-Man movie. I do believe that this is pretty much putting the cart in front of the horse, because as of right now Spider-Man has been turned to dust. Obviously he and all the other heroes are going to be brought back in the next Avengers film, but it’s fun to point out that this movie is a spoiler for those who thought that there would be a good chance that some heroes would remain gone.

I was going to say that there is a lot to unpack from this trailer, but this is just a teaser so there isn’t much to unpack I suppose. The first thing I thought of when the trailer started was where is Tony Stark? We see Happy helping Aunt May and Peter at a homeless shelter where they have raised a significant amount of money. The running joke is still that Aunt May is extremely attractive and all men pretty much melt in front of her.

We learn that Peter is going to Europe for a school trip and not bringing his Spider suit. This could be Peter wanting to take a break from being Spider-Man, because he just fought a huge space monster, disappeared and reappeared then probably had an Avenger die. On the other hand if there is time traveling in the next Avengers movie then he may not even remember being turned to dust. In any case, Peter wants to be a teenager and enjoy his time with his friends. This really reminds me of Spider-Man 2 when Spider-Man loses his powers and must become a normal guy only for something horrific to happen and have them all return.

Ok, let’s get weird with some Avengers movie stuff, because in this movie Nick Fury has never met Spider-Man. Does this mean that Iron Man has never told Nick about Spider-Man, maybe after they defeated Thanos he couldn’t because Tony is dead? This goes back to seeing just Happy in the beginning of the teaser trailer. Maybe Happy is helping Aunt May because Tony is gone and he has nothing to do. So far that’s what I’ve gotten from what I’ve seen, let’s get back to the trailer.

Nick tells Peter that some stuff is going down and his help is needed, followed by a montage of explosions and a shot of Nick and a female shooting at a monster. This doesn’t look like Maria Hill, maybe she didn’t come back from the snap either. Maybe this is Agent 13, Sharon Carter, taking a key role being a partner to Nicky Fury. We continue with some explosions and get a shot of a new stealth Spider suit that Nick may have made for Peter due to his suit being back at home.

The monsters they are fighting look to be the same one except made of different elements. We see a fire and water formation attacking the city before we see our hero/villain shows up and takes center stage.

Alright let me put on my tinfoil hat and make some predictions for what the story may be for this movie. I believe they are going to take a little from Mysterio’s comic book backstory and state that he was a special effects artist, who has used his expertise to make himself a suit and turn himself into a hero. I believe he wants to be a hero in Europe, and not in the United States, because they already have Spider-Man and various other superheroes that are well known. I think that he wants to be well known as well and even though he doesn’t have any special powers, he is able to use his special effects skills to create villains for him to battle and get famous. What he doesn’t expect is that Spider-Man is in London and fights off these creatures and everyone focuses on him instead of Mysterio. Mysterio then frames Spider-Man for something and the climax is Spider-Man trying to win the people back and take down Mysterio. The framing storyline was also taken from the comics, it wasn’t something I pulled out of thin air. The end of the movie will have Spider-Man defeating Mysterio and sending him to prison where he meets up with Scorpion and Vulture and talk about teaming up. The last part will probably be a mid or post credits scene.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.