Nintendo has announced that after their Nintendo Treehouse on Wednesday April 20th at 3pm pst, they will premiere a 15 minute animated short around the upcoming Star Fox Zero game titled Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins. The animated short will repeat on Nintendo’s Youtube channel if you couldn’t make the live broadcast. The teaser has no voice acting, just music over well shaded characters so right now we’re not sure if this will be subbed or dubbed. From what I did see they seem to have everything right from the canon that we have been given since the first game on the Super Nintendo. Each character looks small in stature and all of their legs are metal, which goes along with the theory that their legs were removed and replaced to fit in the Arwing. We also see a short of Andross‘ eyes and a symbol of his head above two swords. As of right now this is just a one off animated short, and honestly I’m not sure if this is to set up the game story or they took a mission from the game and animated it. All questions will be answered on April 20th when this comes out and then on April 22 when the game gets released.

By Taylor

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