A while back during Monday Night Raw some tensions arose when Stardust got in the face of Arrow‘s Stephen Amell and then proceeded to lose his match, like he does. There was some rumbling that there may be a future fight, but then the unfortunate passing of Dusty Rhodes caused Cody Rhodes to take some time off.

During this weekend’s Comic Con Stephen Amell was asked about the possibility of working with Stardust and he stated the following

I’m not not gonna wrestle Stardust at SummerSlam. I know that double negatives in the English language are a no-no. I’m probably gonna do some stuff with the WWE. I don’t know if that means a wrestling match. We’ll see.

Stardust recently appeared back at Monday Night Raw where he took on and defeated Neville. He then tweeted this picture from the bathroom

This obviously means that he has taken out Neville and is now setting his eyes on taking out The Green Arrow. Stephen Amell took note of that and tweeted out a response

It looked like just a friendly jab, but then looking at Stephen Amells twitter account, I see he also sent this tweet out the day before Monday Night Raw

Well it looks like we have all the makings of a Summerslam fight. Of course like most celebrities, there will be a WWE superstar in their corner for assistance. Maybe it’ll be the cape wearing high flyer Neville and he can do his Red Arrow move, this match almost writes itself.

By Taylor

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