There’s no real reason why Nintendo put Super Mario Run on iPhone first that I can think of, but for Android users like myself who are eager to give $10 to Nintendo is sure testing our patience. On the Google Play store the ability to pre-register was given to Android users earlier this month, but with no description of when the game would be coming out, so right now all we know is that when Nintendo is ready to take our money we will be notified via email. In fact the news broke yesterday that Super Mario Run would be coming to Android devices in March via the Nintendo Japanese Twitter account

This is the rough translation of the above tweet

Android version of “Super Mario Run” will begin the delivery in March 2017. In the current Google Play, we are accepting pre-registration to inform the delivery beginning in the notification. please register.

Well I already pre-registered and I didn’t get any notification of anything. I had to search out news for a release date about a game Nintendo is trying to sell to me only to be told that to pre-register and maybe I’ll get an email about something down the line. For all the money Nintendo is trying to make with the Nintendo Switch, you would think they would be on top of their marketing for all regions and not just Japan. What’s the use of having this game come out for Android devices around the same time the Nintendo Switch comes out? I highly doubt there is one, but in the end I’ll still be the one looking the the other way and clicking buy when the button becomes available.

By Taylor

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