Mobile games have changed a whole lot since they first were introduced on mobile devices. It used to be Snake was the best mobile game and as phone technology has advanced so have the games. We now have games playing on mobile devices that rival some game systems, and I’m not even talking about Xbox’s Game Pass. At first there were just onscreen controls that didn’t always work well, and if you were sweaty or greasy then you had to figh with the smudges on the screen. With the introduction of Bluetooth on mobile devices, you can pair not only headphones but a game controller. This doesn’t have to be an Xbox controller, which I prefer, but it could be a PlayStation controller or a random one you pick up from a big box store or Gamestop. Now instead of using the arrow/menu keyes on the phone you can bring the game style of your console to your mobile phone or tablet.

Personally I have found that I do a lot better at mobile games, mostly battle royale, when I can connect my controller to my phone or tablet. Others are playing using the on screen contoller and I have a fully supported controller that I can use to take those people out.


Before the introduction of cross play happened, this was my first venture into using a controller with a mobile game. I had played Fortnite on my Xbox Series X, but was always competing with others who were also using a controller and far better at me. I found that I was a little better on mobile, but others had found out that Fortnite was controller supported so my run as a decent player ended pretty fast.The best thing that this game did was set all the controls the same with no need to touch the phont or tablet screen.

Call of Duty: Mobile

This is where I really began to understand just how good a controller being used on a mobile device could change the outcome of a mutiplayer or battle royale match. I knew some of these wins were false positives as I was going up against bots and human players. It was only when I started climbing the ranked matches did I really see the difference with players. I would run up againt players who were aiming here, there and everywhere because they were using on screen controls and the sensativity was high. I was getting MVP on the winning team pretty much every match and when going into battle royale, I was dominating there as well. It was only until I got unto the Pro ranksed matches that I noticed they were also using controllers and the filed was level.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

This game is all battle royale and not only allows guns to be used but magic that can be picked up. I have found that using a controller and treating this like Call of Duty: Mobile has provided me some wins and if I die I’m in the top 5. Even though I love Final Fantasy and play a Mage class when I have the option, I found that treating this game like a regular shooter and taking advantage of sniper rifles really puts you in a good place when playing the game.

I understand that there may be some people out there that claim that mobile games need to be played like a mobile game should using the on screen controls. I get it, thats fine, please have fun doing so, but if you get a chance to play a game that has controller support I highly suggest you do. You can try to use on screen controls but you have to understand that the disadvantage is now with you and your not going to be having as much fun as you could be having.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.