For those of you who have seen Ant-Man and stayed to see the two bonus scenes, shame on you if you didn’t, then you saw a scene that set up the next Ant-Man movie and one that looks to be from Captain America 3: Civil War. The scene showed Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, in a warehouse with his arm trapped in a vice while Falcon stood next to him as Captain America walks in. Falcon mentions bringing this to Tony Stark‘s, Iron Man, attention and Captain America says no. falcon mentions he knows someone who may be able to help, referring to Ant-Man who he fought earlier in the movie, which helps clarify the news that broke on Friday. Heroic Hollywood is reporting that the teams of Captain America and Iron Man have been set and they are followed

Captain America’s Team

    • Captain America
    • Hawkeye
    • Falcon
    • Scarlet Witch
    • Ant-Man
    • The Winter Soldier

Iron Man’s Team

    • Iron Man
    • The Vision
    • Spider-Man
    • Black Widow
    • War Machine

The only superhero that hasn’t been given a team is Black Panther. In the original story of Civil War, the teams were Iron Man vs Captain America with Spider-Man being the team member in the middle. Before the Spider-Man deal was set into place, it was reported that Black Panther would be taking the Spider-Man’s role as the person in the middle of both teams. I know I didn’t mention Thor, but that’s because he’ll be in his 3rd movie which focus’s around Ragnarok.

From time to time, I like to play the speculation game, so let’s play. It was reported a while that Chris Evans, Captain America, said that he wouldn’t mind being killed off in the movies. If you want to take that statement and pit against the comics, Captain America dies at the end of Civil War by being shot and Bucky Barnes takes over as the new Captain America. We see that Bucky is already part of Captain’s team, but they could also go the route of the new Marvel story line and have Falcon take over as the new Captain America. Please keep in mind that this is just speculating and nothing should be taken as the definitive truth, but if it does become true then you know where you read it first!

By Taylor

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