Alright, I may have been slightly exaggerating when I mentioned that no one at the FCC knows what E3 is, but I wasn’t when it comes down to the FCC not caring about reveals or secrets. Actually it’s not their fault, as they post all the pending material to their website. Recently someone got wind to a new entry to the site and did some investigating.

If you take a look at this webpage  you’ll see a few listings. The ones marked “Label” show FCC stickers that are placed on all authorized material, and on that sticker you’ll see that the top right is labeled Playstation 4. There is also another link showing where on the Playstation 4 the label should be placed. The best link to view is this one. After clicking on it, scroll down page 4 section 2.2 Product Description. There is a model number that matches a link from the previous page and across from it shows 1TB. Going by the other listings, this can only confirm that the Playstation 4 will be coming out with a 1TB system, but will it be enough for you?

With Playstation Plus and the new games that are being revealed at E3, there will be a lot of games will need all your valuable HDD space. I was a day 1 Xbox One owner and I had to buy an additional external HDD because my main was getting filled up.

By Taylor

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