Over the weekend during the different panels at San Diego Comic Con International, there were a ton of great trailers and important information revealed about upcoming properties in the comic book movie universe. As far as the DC side of the comic book movie news, there was a somewhat confirmation that came out confirming what the plot of the upcoming Flash movie would be.

The superhero genre of movie has learned a few things over the past few years and they seem to be trying new tactics out with each new film. Spider-Man was introduced into Captain America: Civil War without any backstory and the same held true in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The need to a do an origin story isn’t a 20 minute thing, but a few sentences, like in Spider-Man: Homecoming, where a character makes a nonchalant comment concerning their origin. We’re getting a team up movie before we get a solo movie for Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman or The Flash, and even when they have their solo movies there won’t be an origin story included. As I mentioned above, there will be a one off sentence telling an origin story and then back to the main plot of the movie. There have been rumors about Deathstroke being in the Batman solo movie, but then again there are also rumors about Ben Affleck leaving so let’s curb those right now. Cyborg and Aquaman don’t have movies out for a few years, so let’s wait on that one. Now in regards to The Flash io9 reports that the plot of The Flash movie will center around Flashpoint, which will give us the 3rd look at Flashpoint in a non comic book form of media.

We’ve already seen it in a really amazing animated version of Flashpoint and a two episode arc in The Flash television show, but now we’ll get to see a roughly two hour big budget alternate life for Barry Allen. If they follow the actual story then there will be cameos from Wonder Woman, Aquaman and a very thin Superman, but in regards to Batman you’ll see a different version. In Flashpoint Bruce Wayne is the one who died in the alley, having Thomas Wayne become a more gun heavy Batman and Martha Wayne becoming The Joker. If the rumors are true then we very well may see the two actors who played Thomas and Martha Wayne in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice come back. Those two actors being Jefferey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen.

To add a little more fuel to this fire, I would like to direct you to a tweet sent out by Negan himself

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