New broke yesterday via The Wrap that Channing Tatum may no longer be attached to the Gambit movie due to a deal not going through. Filming hasn’t started yet, but they have been casting female leads. There have been a numerous actresses tested with Tatum, but insiders suggest that the director may have to find a new leading man. So far little information has been released about what’s going on, but if he does leave what could this mean for the movie?

The weird thing would be if he made a cameo in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse and then was re-casted for his solo film. If Channing Tatum didn’t appear in the Gambit movie then┬áthree different actors would have played Gambit, but I think they’ll find someway to make everything good. Channing Tatum not only brings the male audience from movies like 21 Jump Street, but he also brings in the female audience based on the popularity of the Magic Mike movies. Losing Channing is probably something that Fox doesn’t want and within a week or two we’ll most likely be hearing about him being back in the movie.

By Taylor

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