It appears to be that there won’t be any current generation game that doesn’t include microtransactions. From what I see, these small fees are a temporary Game Genie fix. They don’t really affect the game that much, but they do help you get past difficult parts and shave time off your game time.

Recently during a Metal Gear Solid V preview event journalist Jorge Arellano discovered an error message when he tried to take a short cut on a mission. The mission was to take a decent amount of time to complete, but there was also an option to pay for it to be done instantly. Due to the game not being connected to a Playstation account, Jorge could not enjoy the instant finish to the mission. The incident was detailed in a write up, but it was in Spanish so another Twitter user translated it

There was also the following post on the Italian Playstation store which stated that in game purchases would be optional


Other than quick mission finishes, what else would one possibly pay for? I wonder if there is a fee for getting through a whole mission with absolutely no detection or maybe you get to kill a certain amount of people without it affecting your progress. The most obvious in game purchases would be what we see in most games,weapons. Special guns, armor and tech could be purchased to help you get past an area that you find difficult. Another great in game purchase would be an indication of weakness in bosses, so you don’t spend your time wasting ammo.

By Taylor

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