As if there isn’t enough reasons to watch tonight’s mid season season finale of Gotham, Warner Bros. is throwing in a small treat. How small of a treat? No one really knows what will be shown or for how long, but according to this tease it will about Batman v. Superman and members of the cast of Gotham have chosen sides.

For the most part the cast has sided with Batman, which seems a little biased, but not all the cast was present in this video. If you’re like me and watch the show on Hulu the next day then you may not see the sneak peek unless you look online. If you do want to see the sneak peek, I would probably head to the Warner Bros. Youtube page or the Gotham Youtube page, either seem a logical option.

I would advise that you not put too much faith into this sneak peek, because for all we know it’s the extended fight scene that was shown in theaters for free if you signed up online. This could also be people talking and no fighting at all, which may sound like a let down, but it could reveal a plot point. In any case remember you’re watching the show for the show and not the sneak peek, and just to tease a little more here is the teaser that was put up last week.

By Taylor

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