Hey it’s October, which means I get to go against my scared nature and play what I believe to be horror games. I do have the urge to play some horrible games and call them a nightmare to play, but I think I’ll go literal and play some actual scary games. For this Way Back Wednesday I’ve decided to play a game I haven’t played in a very long time.

When the Nintendo Gamecube was released I was still in my Nintendo phase, so of course I got one and a bunch of games for birthdays and holidays. One of the games I received as a gift was Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, because I was young and through I wouldn’t get scared of anything ever. Apparently that feeling came and went with that game, because I get really scared now and it’s pretty embarrassing. I remember playing the game and knowing it was a horror themed game, but I never really got that scared. In actuality I really thought it was cool that Nintendo had brought a game like this to their system. There were cut scenes and talk of decapitation and spooky spirits which I had scene in Resident Evil games, but those had been out for a while and I was used to them.

Going back to the game now was liking playing it for the firs time. I had to get used to the controls and remember just how to start the actual game. I also didn’t remember the cop in the beginning of the game being such a jerk, almost like it was a horrible thing for home to do his duty. I also didn’t understand why it took two weeks for you to go back and investigate a murder of someone in your own family and find things that the cops should have found the first day. I don’t know if it was lazy writing or just a message about the law enforcement, but whatever it was we all get it.

After finding my way to the first chapter, I realized that the levels in the game were extremely short and the paths are almost all linear. There are very few sections where you have a chance to go one of two ways and the action seemed to be slower than normal. The paths I have no control over, but the game going slow during fight scenes may have just been how my Gamecube was running. I know there were a few puzzles that I encountered that you get answers for later, and that the game messes with you as your proceed but I didn’t make it that far. I was actually pretty happy with myself because in most cases I die and end the game, but this time I made it through the intro and first chapter alive. I’m not saying that I wasn’t two hits from dying, but the fact of the matter is that I made it. The old gladiator character you play as is only one of the few you get to play throughout the game and I remember not being the game, but getting stuck in a house with a weird creature walking around. To give exact detail would be down right impossible, but hey for the first of my horror games I had fun.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.