When I went through and gave my thoughts on the new Independence Day trailer, I mentioned that some of the guns the military was using looked to be really advanced. I made an off comment that the reverse engineering of alien technology could be a subplot, but according to a viral website that went up I wasn’t too far off.

If you go to this website and take a look around, you can listen to the famous speech made by the president in the first Independence Day while looking at pictures of what happened after the battle. During the rebuilding of the world, the alien technology was put into our weapons and even into a place. Colonel Hiller was flying the hybrid fighter when a malfunction happened

colonel hiller killed independence day will smith

It’s not the way you’d want to see him go out, but it is an easy way to tie up a loose end. The website also goes through and mentions that a moon base was created, which means that technology did evolve rapidly but why are we seeing everything on this website? If it turns out they are using this viral site to give more detail to dialogue that will be briefly mentioned in the actual movie, then this will be extremely disappointing and just pure laziness on their part.

By Taylor

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