I don’t understand why WWE 2k16 didn’t get any love during the Xbox or Playstation conference. The WWE is in one of it’s most exciting era’s, and based on numerous sold out shows and over a million subscribers to the WWE Network I’m sure 2K would have liked to see it out there on the big screen. I’m sure they have a presense on the show floor, but I still believe they should have received some kind of love.

For those of us who didn’t have tickets to E3 this year but frequent the WWE website, we were given a look at the first six wrestlers from WWE 2k16. Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Paige and Finn Balor have now all been confirmed to be in the game. Finn’s mostly in the game, not because he paints himself like comic book characters, but to represent NXT. The WWE development league, NXT, has brought us some famous wrestlers like Seth Rollins and the now popular Kevin Owens. With Samoa Joe making a presense now in NXT, I’m sure that we’ll be seeing a whole group of the top NXT wrestlers make an appearance.

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By Taylor

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